Captivated and stricken,

there is a seed inside.

You’ve got calling and curse,

a straight desert road into the sun.

A blacktop grave,

paved but not sure.

Moonlight and stars,

they’re in your eyes,

filling you up with this romanticism

this drive that keeps the wind in your hair

and a song on your lips.

Reminiscent of the beats of old.

The soul of the nation rests in your chest.

The passion to live free,

to know, to hear, to play the song

that gets planted, sprouts, and buds

in the soil and care of a listener,

a poet, a preacher, a lover,

an artist and a musician.

Grow that tree friend,

get on the road and grow.


I’ve been quite annoyed with this outburst of indie/folk rock music that is defined by utilizing various animal species as a title. At first it was convenient, I’d just google an animal name and get a new artist to explore. I got over it pretty quickly though, and now I’m just frustrated at this default system, what makes bands think they can be creative in their music but not their title? Why does it work? It is trendy because people like it, why do people like it? Anyways here is just a few of musicians that are fans of fauna:

Fleet Foxes,

Arctic Monkeys,

Grizzly Bear,

Modest Mouse,

Animal Collective,

Frightened Rabbit,

Horse Feathers,

Minus the Bear,

Sea Wolf,

Cat Power,

Band of Horses….the list probably goes on.

Well much to James’ (my Ludite guitar player friend)  dismay our newest music endeavor with Jordan and Kayla hit the big time on you tube. In fact it was such a hit that Oprah called and is interested in having us play on her last show!! Check it out.