For The Man Who Makes Coffee

There is a coming ice age
And we decided not hibernate
We face the teeth of winds
we survive
to prepare yourself for the bleak winter is no ordeal
a Gor-Tex here, a parka there
To ready yourself to prepare takes true skill

There is a man
He is an outfitter for preparation
For one must have the deluge in a paper cup
One must have the aroma attached to one’s nostrils
One must taste the words that give way to endless musings

If one is not going to hibernate

-James Bauerle


Working as a barista is especially rewarding during Christmas time. Here are some of the resons.

!. Customers really appreciate hot creamy coffee, which means more espresso shots and coffee art and less freezes and noisy blenders.

@. The coffee shop becomes a place where Christmas is celebrated, meaning it is where people go when they are taking a break from buying stuff. It’s where people stop and talk to each other. If this didn’t happen all those gifts would be meaningless.

#. The low pressure of incoming snowstorms makes pulling exceptional shots of espresso easy, plus snow makes espresso taste better in of itself.

$. Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album, who knew that Santa played the banjo….I’ll tell you who knew, Sufjan Stevens knew.

%. Generosity is abundant, I won’t lie I appreciate the big tips, but also people are buying each other coffees all the time and tend to be so giving it makes for a great atmosphere. In the recent Hollywood version of Dickens Christmas Carol, Father Christmas dies very quickly because of the evils of ignorance and want. Knowledge of the those in need paired a generous heart is what makes Christmas come alive, maybe we can make it last a little longer than a week this year!