When time is stolen away by Psychology, Mathmatics and balancing budgets, a writer must turn to reading.

Here is an appropriate celebration of fall written by William Morris:

“The Glittering Plain”

Fair is the world, now autumn’s wearing,

And sluggard sun lies long abed;

Sweet are the days, now winter’s nearing,

And the winds feign that the wind is dead.

Dumb is the hedge where the crabs hang yellow,

Bright as the blossoms of the spring;

Dumb is the close where the pears grow mellow,

And none but the dauntless redbreasts sing.

Fair was the spring, but amidst his greening

Grey were the days of the hidden sun;

Fair was the summer, but overweening,

So soon his o’er-sweet days were done.

Come then, love, for peace is upon us,

Far off is failing, and far is fear,

Here where the rest in the end has won us,

In the garnering tide of the happy year.