Found this show from a documentary, a powerful moment!

I am absolutely falling in love with Andrew Bird. His new CD “Break it Yourself” has become my new definition of romance.

Random Show- Mute Math. Went with some Denver friends as a last minute fiasco. It turns out Mute Math is indeed as Max Frost promised one of the best live shows ever. Absolutely amazing perfect blend of entertainment and musicianship


Horse Feathers, a great way to enjoy fall we got to ride our bikes to the show and drank woodchuck hard cider they rocked it as always.


just watched Explosions in the sky live at the fillmore with Melissa absolutely amazing. Now I know why some people call this genre of music post-classical.


Well Denver has an overwhelming amount of concerts  to attend and it breaks my heart because we just don’t have the cash for them all. September features: Explosions in the sky, Foo Fighters, Tv on the radio, broken social scene, band of horses, allison krausse, cold war kids, talkdemonic, the weepies, manchester orchestra and I already missed death cab for cutie.


I must add this to the music journal: Jordan and Kayla’s wedding was a musical sensation, beautiful in every way, unique, thoughtful, meaningful, funny and inspiring, hopefully just a glimpse of the future.


New music for entering back into the united states of America includes the following:



paper diamonds


best of the decade as far as i know

In no particular order:

1.Explosions in The Sky: The Earth is not a cold dead place: For introducing post modern classical music to myself and so many others and SHATTERING OUR WORLDS!

2. Garden State: For introducing the Indy music scene to …so many mainstream kids that were just itching for something real.

3. Me Without You: Catch for us the foxes justin listen to it.

4. Arcade Fire: Funeral: I think maybe this might be the best album of the decade.

5. Postal Service: Give Up: where in the states could you go without hearing this album it was all over the place and for good reason Ben Gibbard is a genius.

6. Death Cab for Cutie: Plans: such a genius in fact that he gets two albums for breaking the indy music glass ceiling ( not selling out)

7. Phoenix: Amadeus: the decade needed something to dance to, and this lasted longer than Franz Fedinand for my ears.

8. Iron and Wine: This guy brought folk music back to alot of peeps but I couldn’t pick an Album because I like quite a few.

9.Radiohead: In Rainbows: This album just never gets old.

10. Derek Webb Stockholm Syndrome: A great album that is momentous for its lyrical messages that are un-apologetic towards the Christian Chirch.

11. Underoath: they’re only chasing safety. because it’s true.

12. Sufjan Steven: the Avalanche: mostly for the song “pittsfield”

Top Ten CDs for Traveling India

1.Airports: Radio Head- In Rainbows

2. City Bus (standing room only): Arcade Fire- The suburbs (ironic)

3. Train across the country side: The National- any album it doesn’t matter.

4. Internet Cafe: Sufjan Stevens: Age of Adz

5. Homesickness: Fight the Quiet or Patchwork Medic: Let Me In and Aurora

6. Train Station: Enter the Worship Circle: #2

7. Airplane: Thom Yorke: The Eraser

8. The Train ( It goes on forever): TV on the Radio: Young Liars EP

9. Sharing Music with Indian Friends: Talvin Sing- HA

10. Sitting at the door of the train watching the brick kilns and mud huts fly by: Talk Demonic- Beat Romantic

The new Arcade Fire came out last week and it’s beautiful, a mourning to the take over of big cities and a greater disconnectedness among people. The CD is more palatable then the other two which took a few listens to grow on me (yet still captured me), by the second listen I was hooked. This was a little disappointing as some of the mystery is lost, however, I also read the lyrics all the way through as I was so interested in what they were singing about.

Nov. 28th 09

James Bauerle and I reunited in a new band with our friends Jordan and Kayla. The name is taken from Steinbeck’s “Out of Eden” a reference towards freewill, that we can choose to  follow the evil genetic makeup of our forefathers/mothers or refuse, and set out on a new journey of freedom and life! We play the acoustic guitar, the banjo, the hammered dulcimer, the tamborine, the melodica, the xylophone, the bass drum, the clarinet, and sometimes a snare or shaker. These instruments are accompanied by our beautiful voices which we are very thankful for! This project is super fun and we’ve been blessed to write some very joyful and meaningful songs filled with conviction and love. If you ever get a chance don’t miss the opportunity to join us!

I’m getting caught up in this world of some kind of folk music, I don’t even know what the genre is called but I’m lost in bands like Bon Iver, Horse Feathers, Fleet Foxes and Jose Gonzales, it’s addicting shit, especially as the cool weather of fall seeps into Flagstaff.

This is a great video by coldwar kids, check out the website for more amazing videos, just a warning i have spent way more time then I should of here.

This is the first time M.J. revealed the moonwalk to the world. Thursday was a sad day. Matt. 5:27-28 Matt. 7:1-2 It seems as if the new mewithoutyou is competing to mention more food items and animals than the last one! This is just classic morning star stuff but get to 8 min and Stephen roach throws down. I’d just like to say that I am really excited about the new me without you coming out may 19th! I thought I’d open the music page with a video of Rich Mullins talking about his opinion of music. Not a bad song either. Copeland: You Are My Sunshine,It’s sad sad sad and I’ve never been happier. I think Aaron Sprinkles influence has done great things for Copeland (not that they needed any help), but I love the composure on “chin up”. “To be happy now” won my heart with the toms as a background, (the suitcase song), “not allowed” and “What do I know?” have some of the best lyrics “they’ll be closing the shades to keep you in this grave. But I’ll be knocking on your door, because you never left my head”-great. “To be happy now” almost made me cry. Anyways a great cd. My only slight complaint is the abundance of electronic drums, but that is probably only noticeable to me as a drummer. One last line “and if my friends and my foes would just drop me a line, that would be nice……I’ve got my life in a suitcase cause I’m ready to run away”  Now that is what I like to call, beautiful sadness. This Album has been the redemption of Christmas Music for me. It’s not that I think Christmas music is necessarily bad, it’s just that since Sinatra and Bing no one one has ever been able to pull them off, and there has been no freedom for creativity. Thank God for the birth of Jesus!!! and thank God for Sufjan Stevens!!! Morning star worship. It makes my heart yearn.


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