The idea here is that when Jesus is in your life coincidentally goodness is as well, God is good, so if God lives in your heart your life will be good right?…..well yeah, until, disease, betrayal, or some other form of injustice comes and scrapes its’s ugly fingernail across your chalkboard theology screaming louder, and more effectively into your heart, than any pentecostal preacher has ever been able. Fill in the blank, we have all seen life not turn out to be the rainbow we expected. For some though it is a very intense, dark experience, that shatters the core of their reality. God did not provide the good, perfect, protected life that was expected. Now there could be alot of different reasons why and not one experiance is the same and they are all from the fount of evil; however, like a band of gold through a black rock, grace can be found weaving in and out of our suffering. This strand of grace is the work God bringing us to glory(2nd Cor. 4:17). The reason, usually, is that our hearts and minds have been grounded on deceptive wrong thoughts of who God really is; unfortunately, the only way for change to be produced is through the death of those thoughts and beliefs, death does not come without suffering. Many times when we are experiencing suffering as children of God there is a work being done. So suffering: goodness. You see it is His goodness that will not allow us to think wrongly about who Himself is. It is only by the grace of God that we even have the ability to think of him at all, It is even more grace that he works through us to give us true revelation of his nature and doesn’t leave us at the mercy of man’s erroneous understanding.